QV Valuation Terms and Conditions

Quotable Value Limited (“QV”)

Standard Terms of Business


These terms apply to the valuation services you request from QV as provided in the Scope of Work. If there are additional agreed conditions or terms of any kind that are inconsistent with these terms (and the exact clauses of these terms have not been explicitly referred to and amended or removed by agreement between QV and you) then you agree that these terms override and take precedence over the inconsistent conditions and terms.


Subject to the Scope of Work, QV provides valuation services solely for your use and any other party specifically agreed with QV and listed above as a "nominated user/s". QV's valuation services are not otherwise for use by any other person, including but in no way limited to subsidiary entities owned wholly or partially by you or owned wholly or partially by a nominated user/s.


QV will provide valuation services as instructed in a timely and professional manner.


All reports prepared by QV in providing valuation services are written for the stated purpose only as shown in the valuation report.  QV accepts no liability where valuation reports have been used for a purpose other than the stated purpose.


No valuation report (in whole or in part) or any reference to it may be included in any published document or posted on the internet without QV’s written approval.


If a quote or estimate has been given by QV for the provision of services, the quote will only be valid for 10 working days from the date of that quote or estimate.


Payment for valuation reports must be made on delivery. Payments can be made via credit card or internet banking.  QV will not release valuation reports until payment is made in full except where credit arrangements have been agreed with QV in advance.


QV may submit interim invoices for valuation services at its discretion (if applicable).


All opinions of value expressed by QV are subject to QV’s Statement of Valuation Policies and the conditions outlined in the valuation report.


QV does not provide site or structural survey services. You should seek separate professional advice to identify structural issues or the presence of “Leaky Building Syndrome”.


Where the valuation services are supplied for the purposes of business, and it is reasonable to do so, the provisions of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 will not apply.  Where the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 does not apply, the following limitations on QV's liability will be applicable:


a) QV’s liability to you for breach of any implied warranty or condition which cannot be excluded is limited to the supply of the services again or the payment of the cost of having the service supplied again.


b) Apart from refunding to you the price paid for any goods or services which QV has been unable to supply, QV has no liability to you for any loss or damage (either direct, indirect or consequential, including a loss of profit) suffered by you or any other person as a result of using QV's services or any failure or delay in providing this service.


c) QV's liability (however arising) in respect of any claims for loss, damage or injury which arises under QV's contract with you shall not in aggregate exceed the price paid for goods or services in relation to which the loss, damage or injury arose.


Valuation services are provided on the basis that you have provided QV with a full and correct disclosure of all information and circumstances that may affect the valuation. Where full and correct disclosure has not been made, QV accepts no liability in respect of the valuation.


You agree that all information in respect of your property (not including personal information, information that may identify you and information that is confidential information) that is submitted in connection with valuation services may become public information.  Such information will be searchable and will be able to be viewed by the general public.  


You agree that QV may take photos of your property for the purposes of carrying out valuation services and that QV (or a third party) owns the copyright in these photos.  You authorise the use of photos for property related purposes by QV and permit QV to provide photos to third parties such as its clients and customers for property related purposes only.  QV will remove any images from photos that are provided to third parties that are reasonably likely to identify the owner of the property.


You agree that certain information recorded about the valuation of your property (such as the reason for requesting a valuation) may be passed on to third parties by QV for statistical, trending, keeping records and other related purposes.


You will notify QV (and any valuer who attends the property) in advance of the valuation of all hazards and risks (whether actual or potential) that exist on your property or could exist.  All hazards or risks that exist or could exist as at the date of accepting these terms and conditions must be identified in the Scope of Work.  You acknowledge that QV may (at its discretion) choose not to carry out a valuation, or delay a valuation, of your property if you have not provided QV with sufficient information about any hazards or risks.


These terms and conditions apply to all future valuation services work carried out or otherwise provided by QV to you, unless superseded by a subsequent agreement.


Any personal information collected and held by QV will be used for the purpose of meeting your needs in respect of valuation services. Under the Privacy Act 1993 you have the right of access to and correction of your personal information held by QV.


You acknowledge that in the event of a default in the payment of any amounts due, you will be responsible for all reasonable costs, charges and legal expenses (including costs between solicitor and own client) as well as any collection cost incurred by QV in recovering the outstanding amount.


Where a dispute arises relating to these terms and conditions, the parties agree to notify the other of the dispute in writing and to use their best endeavours to settle the dispute directly before resorting to litigation and/or arbitration.