Upgrading SalesDirect


SalesDirect has been successfully used by solicitors for over 10 years.  During that period technology has changed dramatically and we have also received a range of feedback on potential improvement.

Talk to us about our ability to provide sale notices in other formats, such as XML.  Email or 0800 639 686 between 8am-5pm Mon-Fri, to find out more.

With the changing environment and the needs of council and solicitors, we have been working on enhancing the SalesDirect experience.

We are very pleased to advise SalesDirect was upgraded on Monday 11 April 2016.

There's nothing that existing users need to do - but it will look different.  

 The upgraded SalesDirect will make managing sale notices quicker and easier for you, with: 

The SalesDirect Quick Start Guide PDF can be downloaded - click here.

System requirements

The SalesDirect upgrade will be better supported by the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer browsers (IE10 and up).  

If you are using IE9 or below, you will need to upgrade or switch to an alternate browser - you may need to speak to your IT support to do this.

If you have any queries please email


SalesDirect is the most immediate, accurate and secure way to complete sales notices online across New Zealand.


Designed specifically for Solicitors, you can quickly and easily create and send property sales notices online. As a free paperless service it reduces costs and helps improve efficiency.


Accessed via a secure website it enables greater accuracy as property details can be automatically populated. You can use a blank form or have the property details automatically populated, which contains built-in checks and warning systems to make sure nothing is overlooked or dates aren’t missed.


Once completed the sales notices are sent to all Territorial Authorities. If registered, regional councils and Local Authority Trading Enterprises such as Aucklands Watercare Services will also receive the sales notices.


The Sales Notice is stored as electronic data and backed up ensuring nothing is lost. Any completed Sales Notices are accessible as pdf files online.*


SalesDirect|securely complete sales notice online

What are the benefits of using SalesDirect? 

Faster to create sales notices

SalesDirect does as much of the work for the solicitor as possible.

Easier to manage sale notices

SalesDirect enables everything to be completed in the one location, and finding the right document only takes a few seconds.

Communication is instant and transparent

If both solicitors involved in the process (and anyone in their offices) are registered they can view a sale notice online—excludes draft sales.


Solicitor to Solitor communications through Sales Direct go instantly. Once the Sales notice is completed there is two days after it is submitted to the council to make any amendments.


No need for paper or sending documents to other solicitors or the council. SalesDirect automatically takes care of forwarding copies of the sale notice to all the relevant parties.

How do solicitors get access to SalesDirect?

1. Go to the SalesDirect website and complete the online registration form.


2. The application for SalesDirect registration will be processed by the QV Helpdesk. (This normally takes less than two business days).


3. When the application for SalesDirect registration is accepted, an email will be sent out containing instructions for the next step—downloading the digital certificate).


4. Decide which arrangement of digital certificates will best suit the needs of the office (i.e. shared or individual) and then download the digital certificate.


5. Councils can control when and where their SalesDirect sale notices are delivered. SalesDirect even provides sale data extracts which allow the councils to import the sale notice information directly into their own databases—removing the potential for human error at the point of data entry.


6. Solicitors can see when their sale notices were sent to the councils and in some cases, even proof of delivery (applies only to notices completed after 1st July 2008).


7. SalesDirect sends sale notices to all Territorial Authorities, Regional Councils* and Local Authority Trading Enterprises* such as Auckland’s Watercare Services Ltd, all at the same time (*only if registered for SalesDirect).


8. There are no user names or passwords to remember for the daily use of SalesDirect. Access to Sales-Direct is protected by digital certificates which can be kept individually or shared around the office.

What instructions are available?

Our SalesDirect Website and Mini guide give you information on the process.

If I have a query or issue contact the Helpdesk at on telephone 0800 639 686.

*When you open a pdf file the latest details will appear if Council, Solicitor or Persons name has changed.


Find out more about the process and register online.