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Rental assessment

Planning to rent out a property and want to know your rental expectations?


Making renovations to your property and need to know how it will affect the rent you can ask?


As a tenant, you want to make sure the amount you’re paying in rent is fair?


We can help you with decisions related to your rental property, whether you are a proprietor or a tenant, with independent, qualified and local advice on market rental information about a property.

What can a rental assessment give me? 

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Confidence and peace of mind that you are asking for/paying the right amount of rent

Eliminate the guesswork – we will inspect your property, consider it against other rentals in your town, suburb or street, and outline what you should be reasonably asking for/paying in rent.

Independent, qualified and local advice on the local rental market

What the rental market is doing in your town, suburb or street, how other proprietors are increasing the value of their rentals, what people are looking for in rental accommodation. We are able to provide to customers with impartial, educated and local property advice.

Independent advice in the lease negotiation – resolve any issues relating to rental reviews

We can provide you with a certified market rental assessment for use in lease negotiations, rental reviews and tenancy tribunals.

What is the process with a rental assessment?

1. Request a rental assessment online or call 0800 16 44 44.


2. Once you have requested a rental assessment;

  • We will get back to you with a quote.. The fee depends on the nature of the property and the distance from our nearest office.
  • A time is then arranged for a Valuer to come and inspect your property.


3. Your Valuer completes a full and comprehensive inspection of the property, and provides you with a rental assessment.


4. Your Valuer remains available to answer any further questions you have about your assessment.

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