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Quotable Value (QV) and CoreLogic, have jointly launched New Zealand’s first truly independent property App - QV homeguide.  The new App is perfect when out and about to put you in control whether buying, selling, or simply viewing a home.


Free to install, QV homeguide provides access to independent and authoritative information on any home, on or off the market.  People now have at their fingertips the ability to find out the value of a home today, or what it last sold for, on an Apple or Android phone anywhere in New Zealand.


Leading edge Smartphone technology enables people to experience augmented reality by pointing their phone at a house and key information about that home will pop up on their screen.


Using the latest CoreLogic data, QV homeguide is one of the few Apps in the market that provides more robust certainty of a home’s worth today and gives people key details needed to make informed property decisions, right at that moment.

QV homeguide also includes in-App purchases for information such as land value, building age, floor area, natural hazards and title details. There is also free information on the demographics in every suburb, school zones, and sales metrics for the area.


This is the first App release by QV and CoreLogic and it is expected that the App will be regularly enhanced with new features and functionality based on users feedback.


Click here to watch our QV homeguide video.


About the new QV homeguide App

  • New Zealand’s first independent augmented reality property App
  • Latest property data
  • Free to install and no registration needed
  • Understand what the home is worth today
  • Provides free information on the home and the suburb including:
    • Indicated value
    • Rating value
    • Sales activity,
    • Suburb demographics,
    • What’s for sale and what’s recently sold
  • Will be enhanced and improved based on user feedback 


Click here to download QV homeguide at the Google Play Store or download at the Apple Store.