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Quotable Value (QV) is the largest provider of independent valuation and property services in New Zealand we can tailor solutions to enable you to make your next property decision.


In this ever-evolving marketplace, we deliver faster, value added and cost-effective services. All underpinned by the determination of our people to help you succeed with your property endeavours.


Contact us today about any of your property needs:

Valuation Services

With a wealth of experience, our registered valuers have a comprehensive understanding of the local property markets, current trends and future prospects, whatever your valuation requirements may be.


QV’s Property Valuation Services focus on residential property owners, tenants and managers – from organisations with large property portfolios to private individuals.


Our National Rural Valuation team - Rural Value has a depth of experience to meet your valuation requirments across the entire sector.


For more than 40 years Darroch has been providing valuation services to commercial and industrial organisations from large portfolios through to one off appraisals.

Rural Value

Rural Value is a rural valuation and advisory service tailored to partner with you and support your rural business. 


Whatever your requirements from understanding what options there are to grow the business, considering your ownership structure or the true value of your land we can deliver credible, professional and independent property valuations. 


As a market-driven, commercially focused business we understand the importance of independence and assurance when making any rural property decisions.  We are a rural focused team with experienced local rural valuers throughout the country, backed by New Zealand’s largest valuation company Quotable Value (QV).

Rating and taxation

Rating valuations are a key tool in the local government rates-setting process. We have developed and continue to enhance our range of services to help councils respond to increasing government and ratepayer pressure to improve efficiency and reduce costs.


Our rating team is leading the market in New Zealand and QV Australia is doing the same in NSW.

Property Services

From corporations to large government organisations, Darroch takes a partnership approach and contributes to the strategic objectives and organisational success for your property portfolio across:

  • Asset management
  • Property management
  • Facilities management
  • Consultancy
  • Crown Accredited Supplier
Online, mobile, database and customised solutions

QV offers solutions that can assist you with accessing information and data.


Our data services team manages databases that New Zealand councils access to research property and sale data. These databases provide some of the information councils use to determine our rates. We also distribute daily/weekly updates to councils and provide property/sale data to regional councils on behalf of local councils.

SalesDirect is a free paperless service that enables Sales Notices to be submitted and received online by solicitors and councils.

When you’re completing a new build, looking at the cost of replacement or needing to understand the build up of cost elements, QV costbuilder provides you online access to the latest construction and building data all year round.