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As New Zealand’s leading provider we can complete any of your valuation requirements. We offer a range of services and whatever your requirements, size of your portfolio and location our nationwide network of local people will give you some insightful and independent valuations.


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Depreciation breakdown

If you’re an investor and want to maximise your annual depreciation claim – consult with us about getting a depreciation breakdown of your chattels. In accordance with IRD guidelines, chattels can be separately identified and depreciated at higher rates.

Asset valuation

If you’re a business owner, accurately valued assets ensures transparency, accuracy and disclosure to shareholders and regulatory authorities. We can provide valuations on a wide range of fixed and infrastructure assets, including land and buildings, plant and machinery and complex assets such as water and sewerage systems and roading networks.

Arbitration/dispute resolution

For any disputes over properties, valuations, rental assessments or assets, we can provide arbitration services to assist in the resolution.

Breakdown of improvements

If you’re a business owner making your annual depreciation claim or registering or de-registering for GST, we can ascertain and allocate a property transfer price or the rating valuation, to land, individual buildings and other improvements.

Dwelling & Curtilage

If your property combines residential use with a range of different uses, we can assist you with setting the values for each of the elements.


Whether you have a farm, lifestyle block, orchard, motel, dairy or other commercial or industrial use, or vacant land where residential use is planned, our dwelling and curtilage services will divide up the residential component (exempt supply) from the sale price as per the GST Act. Standing timber, plant and machinery and household chattels can be quantified as part of the service as well.

Statutory valuation

You may require a valuation as a statutory requirement of an official Act, such as the Public Works Act, Municipal Corporations Act, Te Ture Whenua Act, Unit Titles Act or the Real Estate Act. We can complete these valuations throughout New Zealand.

Unit title assessment

The Unit Titles Act 1972 requires registered valuers to fix the unit entitlement assigned to every principal and accessory unit on a unit title plan.

Leasehold valuation

For an assessment of the lessee’s or lessor’s interest in the purchase of a leasehold property, or to set a ground rent for freeholding of leasehold land, we can provide a leasehold valuation.

Feasibility study

Make your property development a successful one and avoid costly mistakes by getting a valuation/feasibility report from us at the initial stages of your development.

Condition survey

Efficient asset and facilities management is increasingly important to ensuring your property portfolio is running efficiently, safely and cost-effectively.


A condition survey lets you rank the condition of assets and identify areas that don’t provide the required level of service delivery, identify areas of backlog maintenance, and forecast future maintenance/upgrading requirements.

Progress certificate

If you’re building new, or completing major renovations to an existing property, your lender may need to know how much progress has been made before releasing further loan payments to you. QV can provide you with progress certificates for this purpose, or assist you from start to the finish of your project with a construction valuation.

Expert witness

New Zealand courts and tribunals often call on QV valuers to prepare and give testimony as an expert witness when a high standard of evidence is required.

Desktop estimate certificate

When assets need to be valued for related party transfers and/or IRD purposes, we provide this office-based estimate of value using our local knowledge and expert information from our nationwide property database. 

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If you would like to order one of these services, you can submit a request and we will contact you within one working day. Alternatively email us at valuationrequest@qv.co.nz or call us on 0800 16 44 44.

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