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Current Market Estimate

If you are involved with a Trust and are making decisions about transferring assets into or out of your Trust, or perhaps you need to update your business’s asset list for tax purposes, a current market estimate certificate will most likely suit your needs, without the time and expense of other types of valuations.


Some banks may ask for confirmation of the value and a current market estimate may provide them with what they are looking for, however a market valuation provides you with more information and confidence in value of the property.


A current market estimate doesn’t require an inspection of your property; it is an office-based high-level estimate of value using property valuers' local knowledge and expert information from our nationwide property database.


(Previously known as a Desktop Estimate).

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Why choose a current market estimate?
  • Quick, no inspection required, high-level professional estimate of your assets.
  • Independent, qualified advice from an experience QV valuer.
  • Confidence and peace-of-mind that your assets have been accurately estimated.
  • Work with a valuer you know in your area to estimate a property elsewhere.
What?s the process with a current market estimate?

1. Request a current market estimate online or call 0800 16 44 44.


2. Once you have requested a current market estimate we will get back to you with a quote.


3. Your valuer completes the current market estimate certificate, which you can use to make further decisions related to your Trust or taxes. 


4. Your valuer remains available to answer any further questions you have about the estimate.

What do I need to remember with a current market estimate?

 A current market estimate is not a valuation, all the figures estimated are subject to further due diligence.

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