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Full Market Valuation

A property valuer assessing a house
To understand a home's real value, you need to know what it's worth and what it would cost to replace.  

As one of New Zealand's largest nationwide providers, QV homevalue delivers personalised and accurate independent valuations by local registered valuers in your region.  


Property is one of the biggest assets people own, so understanding the value of it is important. You might be buying or selling a property, looking for ways to add more value to your property, transferring your property to a trust, needing insurance, thinking about investment properties, negotiating a lease, or need reporting on asset values.


Whatever your property type, Quotable Value (QV) can provide you with a property valuation. It’ll give you peace of mind and confidence on what your property’s value is in today’s property market. As one of the largest providers, you’ll receive a quick and comprehensive onsite assessment and report completed by one of QV Valuations registered property valuers that’ll include local insight and information to help with your property decision.


Click here to arrange for a Full Market Valuation, enter the property details in the search and select the Full Market Valuation option under the valuations tab.


Alternatively you can call 0800 16 44 44 for more information.

What can a QV property valuation do for me?

Unlock your property's potential

What can you do that will have the most impact on your how much your property is worth? Perhaps sub-division potential, creating more outdoor living, landscaping, or an updated bathroom - A QV valuation can help you with these decisions

Highlight title issues

Check the title of your property, particularly cross-leased properties, to highlight any issues.

Minimise the risk of surprises

Highlight any issues around the property and what’s happening in the area - it’s great to be aware that next door or down the road they are building a new through road, childcare centre or shopping complex. Get advice on the area’s zoning to minimise the risk of surprises e.g. a light commercial or industrial business springing up next door.

Access to local, experienced, registered property valuers insight and advice

What’s happening next door, down the street, and in the suburbs across town? Which houses are seen as desirable in your area, and where your property fits in the market? What kind of movement is going on in the local property market and how does it compare to six months ago?

A comprehensive QV valuations report and an open door to discuss findings and help with decision-making

You’re comprehensive report will be based on an analysis of related sales in your area, draw on local knowledge, expertise, and QV’s nationwide property database.

Once you’ve received your report, your relationship with QV valuations will continue as a valuer is available to discuss the report and help guide you with your property decision.

What's in a Market Valuation report?

Your QV property valuation report meets all professional standards and includes:

  • The market value of the property based on the valuer’s assessment of your property and their professional judgement using local market sales.
  • A comprehensive report based on the property inspection, with comments on the features of the property that particularly affect the value.
  • An overview of the location of the property and the property market in that area.
  • Descriptions and photos of other property sales that were used in assessing the market value of your property.
  • A recent sales history for the property.
What is the process with a Market Valuation?

1. Order a market valuation online or call 0800 16 44 44.


2. Once a market valuation is ordered a :

  • Fee is advised and needs to be paid. The fee depends on the nature of the property and the distance from our nearest office.
  • Time for our valuer to come and inspect your property is arranged.

3. A QV property valuer completes a full and comprehensive inspection of the property. They also check out sales of properties in the neighbourhood that are comparable to the property being valued.


4. You receive a comprehensive property valuation report.


5. Your QV property valuer remains available to answer any further questions you have about your report.

What if I’m building a new house or adding to an existing house?

If you’re building new or adding to a house, a construction valuation is used. This provides you with a market value prior to the house being built or work being started and valuation after the work has been completed


During the process, progress reports are completed to allow the release of finance to complete the build.

What’s in a Construction Valuation report?

To begin with, a comprehensive report containing the market value of the property today and on completion of works, and what and how much has been completed.


If your bank requires regular updates on the progress to release funds to continue with the construction, your QV property valuer will provide this. At the completion of the build you’ll receive a final completed value, if required by your bank.


Find out more about Construction Valuations.

What if I need my rating value updated?

Your rating valuation is reviewed every three years by your local council or a service provider such as QV. There is a period where you can object to your rating valuation. Find out more on rating valuations.


Also outside this period you may have the option to have it updated if you have completed some work that didn’t require a building consent e.g. new bathroom. Find out more on Urgent Rating Value Reviews.

If you have any questions email us at valuationrequest@qv.co.nz or call 0800 16 44 44.

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